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Making Patient Rooms More Therapeutic By Using Cubicle Curtains and Window Treatments


A new trend is emerging in healthcare design. This trend includes changing patient rooms to be more home-like.

At the end of the day, getting patients better, sooner is of utmost importance. Not only is this a benefit to the patient, but it’s also a benefit to the facility, by reducing the costs associated with longer patient stays.

A large part of this transformation involves cubicle curtains and window treatments.

For too long, cubicle curtains have been overly stale and boring, remind the patient of where they are. The window treatments too have done nothing to help.

These days, cubicle curtains fabrics offer many bright, cheerful, warm, and therapeutic options. As well, most fabrics offer anti-microbial properties, helping to reduce the chance of hospital acquired infections.

Window treatments too are much different than in years past. Anti-Microbial plantation shutters make a warm, homey feel, and definitely help a patient to feel more relaxed, helping to promote faster recovery and healing.

Solar shades too offer many more designs and fabrics than before. All of these fabrics play a role in helping the patient to get better sooner.

At the end of the day, getting patients to a point where they can safely return home is the goal of any healthcare facility. By adding cubicle curtains and window treatments with more warm, home-like accents, patients can help to feel more relaxed during their stay, and hopefully can return home much sooner.

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Can you really make window treatments modern?


When one thinks of window treatments, probably the first image that pops into your head is that of your grandmother’s house.  You know the one.  It’s got the lacy curtains covering her entire window with little fuzzy balls dangling off the valance.  Bring back any memories?

Well, times have changed, and so have window treatments.  Today’s window treatments have many options to make an area feel more hip, modern, and sophisticated. Basically any feeling one wants to convey can be portrayed via window treatments.

Shutters help to give the look of southern sophistication while doing a tremendous job of reducing glare and blocking heat and cold.

Solar shades and roller shades not only come in a huge variety of fabric options and colors, but they also come in great, hip and modern designers, perfect for restaurants, lounges, salons, spas and more.  See for some awesome images.  Lastly, roller and solar shades can even be customized to include any image you want, even logos!!!

Faux-wood blinds, Aluminum Mini-Blinds and Vertical Blinds come in so many different finishes these days, using white is almost a crime.  The selection is simply too large to type our here, so call or email us today for more information!

These are just a sampling of what’s available today to help modernize the workplace.  There’s so much more available and so much more we can share with you, but typing about it simply isn’t going to cut it.  Call or email us today so we can meet in person!



How to select quality Commercial Roller Shades


There are lots of companies out there looking to get business.  Unfortunately, too many times, the products they provide simply don’t hold up.  The window treatments industry is no exception.

Commercial Roller Shades are among the most popular window treatments on the market today.  Most every project specification manual calls for some type of commercial roller shade, be it made by MechoSystems, Draper, Graber, Hunter Douglas, Universal Window Treatments, Insolroll, Unique Wholesale, Graber, or any number of other fabricators.  All of the aforementioned manufacturers are fantastic, however there are just as many cheaply made, imported products that pollute the market.

So, how is a general contractor or an end user to know the difference?  First off is working with a reputable window treatments company.  Above the Sill uses only American made commercial roller shades on our projects.  We know the difference between a clutch system that will provide years of reliable service and one that will work until the punch list is completed…  Above the Sill’s selection of commercial roller shades also includes heavy duty, stainless steel chain to raise and lower the shade fabric, not string like many cheap varieties.  Additionally, the above mentioned fabricators?  Above the Sill is proud to have distribution agreements with all of them, meaning we can handle any project by any fabricator, and handle it with quality, reliable commercial roller shades made in the U.S.A.

Be sure that you partner with a company who stands behind their products like Above the Sill.  Heck, it’s easy to do when the products are quality!

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Vertical Blinds may be the solution to cover large windows.


These days, roller shades and solar shades seem to be popping up everywhere.  Certainly these shades are a great way to tame the sun’s heat and rays in a fashionable way, but what about larger areas where roller and solar shades aren’t a perfect fit?

Don’t forget about your old friend, Vertical Blinds.  Vertical blinds are among the most practical and cost-effective window coverings out there.  They can cover a large window space easily.  They are great at controlling light and heat.  And they can open totally, allowing light to pour in, or to allow sliding glass door accessibility.

Vertical Blinds can also be opened in several ways, depending on your need and preference.

Have a lot of windows to cover, but don’t have a huge budget?  Don’t worry, vertical blinds can be manufactured to fit almost every budget.  And at Above the Sill, we manufacture our vertical blinds right in our facility in Florida.  Right in the USA.

Just like other window treatments, don’t be fooled by some of the options sold at the big box stores.  These products tend to be manufactured overseas using low quality parts and accessories.  Think about it, any window treatment it blasted with the sun’s rays each and every day.  It takes all the brunt, so you don’t have to.  Lower quality hardware simply won’t hold up to the heat.  Within a few short years, these components will dry up and break, leaving you to spend even more money to have them replaced.

However, components manufactured in the United States are far superior to their overseas counterparts.  If you’re spending the money to do the job, do it right; use American made products!

If you are looking for cost-effective, quality vertical blinds for your next project be it replacement or new, Above the Sill is your best choice!

Are Solar Shades The Answer For Your Office?


So, your office faces east, and even though you love the morning sunshine, there are times when is simply is too much to handle. Perhaps it’s putting a glare on your computer screen. Maybe the morning sun’s rays are hitting your eyes just enough so that you can’t see anything! Or perhaps your office windows face south or west, and by 2:00 in the afternoon it’s hot enough to call your office a sauna instead of a workplace. If any of this sounds familiar, maybe Solar Shades are the solution. Solar Shades are basically rolling shades that reduce both light and heat from pouring into your workspace. Don’t want too much light and heat gone? No problem, the shadecloth in solar shades come in varying openness factors. For example, a 1% openness factor will effectively reduce 99% of the sun’s rays and heat from coming through. However, a shadecloth with an openness factor of 10-15% will allow more light and heat in. Let’s face it, not everyone wants a dark, cool space. There are even Solar Shades available that can reduce light significantly. So much so that we call them Room Darkening. Room darkening shades are perfect for conference rooms, or any room where darkness and privacy in a pinch are needed. Please understand however, that not all solar shades are created equal. The most reliable solar shades are those that are manufactured in the United States. They may cost a little more upfront, but their reliability for years to come will prove much more cost effective in the long run. Shadecloth availability too is great! Colors, fabrics, patterns, eco-friendly fabrics, even customized logos, are all available to further enhance your workspace productivity. In future blogs we will discuss more about options (fabricators, hardware, eco-friendliness, etc.) as there is a lot to talk about here. We have seen lots of changes in the window coverings world. Vertical Blinds, mini blinds, and faux wood blinds have all had their boon, and now, Solar Shades are proving to be today’s window treatment of choice. Their variety, ability to allow light in while allowing the ability to look out, and cost-effective nature are great reasons to call or email us today for more information!

How Can Cubicle Curtains Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections?


Just this week, Time Magazine announced the person of the year as The Ebola Care Workers. In this era of mega-infectious diseases, how are healthcare facilities gearing up for potential outbreaks?
Sure, there are decontamination units that can be used in patient rooms. Chemical sprays do a good job too, but what about the privacy curtains? Privacy curtains, sometimes referred to as Cubicle Curtains, are a mainstay in most every healthcare facility. And privacy curtains are among the most used pieces of medical equipment within any facility. However, cubicle curtains are among the least looked after item in a patient room.

With infectious causing microorganisms travelling throughout facilities, are your cubicle curtains up to snuff? Is your environmental services staff properly changing out privacy curtains on a regular basis to ensure a reduction of hospital acquired infections? Are your cubicle curtains themselves helping to reduce HAI’s? What are your options?

Fortunately, healthcare facilities have choices when it comes to cubicle curtains. From privacy curtains manufactured with inherently anti-microbial fabrics, to Simply 66® Snap System Curtains, to Disposable Privacy Curtains, solutions are out there!

Some of the best choices include a combination of all three. By using an inherently anti-microbial privacy curtain fabric manufactured into a Simply 66® panel, healthcare workers now have a system that not only helps to reduce HAI’s at the fabric level, but also helps to make the laundering process quick and easy. To further help with infection control, consider adding a disposable cubicle curtain too. These low-cost panels can be used as an added guard against infections pathogens. Best of all, the curtain is disposable! If the privacy curtain becomes soiled, or when the room in no longer occupied, the panel is easily removed via snaps, and disposed of! Best of all, disposable cubicle curtains are very cost-effective, and can easily be integrated into any curtain track system.

Today’s healthcare professional faces a multitude of challenges each and every day. Adding Simply 66® Privacy Curtains along with Disposable Cubicle Curtains to your healthcare facility can help to not only reduce hospital acquired infections, but are also easy on the budget.

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